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Guardian: You must change to America of its strategy in Iraq and Syria

  • May 22 / May 2015
The fall of the city of Palmyra gaps between the US strategy in Syria
The Guardian newspaper published an analytical article dealt with the fall of the Syrian city of Palmyra in the hands of the "Islamic state", and its impact on US strategy in Iraq and Syria.
And see her article in The Guardian that the fall of Palmyra imposes on Americans to reconsider in dealing with the "Islamic state" in Syria and Iraq strategy.
Vantsarat recent regulation in Palmyra and gray were, according to the paper, a painful blow to a coalition led by the United States and showed the American strategic gaps.
The Guardian cited in the analysis of a statement by former US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gate, who said that his country does not already have a strategy in Syria and Iraq, and they behave with developments day by day.
The paper points out that the United States program for the training and arming of Syrian troops to fight the "Islamic state" without Bashar al-Assad, is not progressing as quickly as required, and that the Syrian opposition demands to impose a no-fly zone to protect civilians, does not fall on deaf ears.
It believes that all of these facts have made the credibility of the US President, Barack Obama, fade, and that the Iraqi Sunnis look with suspicion to the United States and other Western countries in dealing with Iran and the Shiites in general.
The paper concludes by saying that the belief in the Middle East is that of the "Islamic state" will not be defeated if the Bashar al-Assad, which has weakened its position in recent weeks, fell, but no sign of the demise of his rule.
The fall of the half Syria
The Financial Times newspaper published an article about the archaeological city of Palmyra in Syria, which has become under the control of the "Islamic State", which raised fears of destruction of monuments in the hands of elements of the organization.
Free Syrian Army demands fell on deaf ears
The paper reports that half the size of Syria is today in the hands of the "Islamic State", but mostly in arid areas.
The paper quotes statements made by officials in international organizations concerned with effects, such as UNESCO, which expresses concern regarding the fate of the effects of Palmyra, which are classified as human heritage.
But activists destroy spoke to the Financial Times denounced "the West interesting effects and fear its destruction, while turning a blind eye to the blood that is flowing there."
The city has also believe that the prison where hundreds of political prisoners, Syrians and Lebanese, and activists say that President Bashar al-Assad's regime the transfer of detainees from Palmyra in the past few weeks, is not known Mbarhm.
Obedience or death
The Independent newspaper published a report on the fight against the "Islamic state" in Iraq, and talked to local officials from the Sunni areas took up arms alongside the Shiite militia backed by Iran, to defend their cities before creeping regulation.
Thousands of Iraqis have been driven from their areas to escape the fighting
The Independent spoke to Ali Khalaf al-Jubouri, mayor of the town of Hawija, in Kirkuk, she recounted how her escape from the grip of the "Islamic state" after the control of the organization to his home town, and urged him to obey their orders or death with their own hands.
The collection Jubouri men trained to fight with the former soldiers in the Iraqi army, accompanied by a Shiite militia, but they did not get the gun, not the money.
Many of the tribesmen and subjected to murder because of their support against the "Islamic state".
He says al-Jubouri, in his speech to the newspaper, he did not find nothing wrong in fighting alongside the Shiite militia backed by Iran, because Tehran, in his opinion, was the enemy of yesterday, but today has become an ally in the fight of the "Islamic state".
The Independent says that many residents fear the Sunni areas, such as Hawija and Anbar, fear of attacks on them Shiite militia, accused of burning and looting of houses in the areas which they were expelled of the "Islamic state".

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