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Jordan and the United States: an alliance against violent extremism


Jordan and the United States: an alliance against violent extremism

Alice J. Wells
Alice Ji Wales Ambassador of the United States of America in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Good evening, let me before I begin the speech that I would like to thank His Excellency Dr. Abdul Salam Majali, for the years that may be enshrined in support of Jordan's foreign policy in addition to supporting open state of Jordan-US relations over the decades.

Let me also thank the progress of the Secretary General, Mr. Fadel Ali Sarhan for his kind invitation to participate in this prestigious meeting. I would also like to thank the facilitator, Dr. Walid Al-Turk for carrying out this task is not an easy.

This is particularly welcome our guests this evening from members of the Board of International Affairs and esteemed Excellencies and compassionate, journalists and members of non-governmental organizations and civil society leaders and the rest of the audience who consider them dear friends of the United States in Jordan.

Also let me before I start talking about the counter-terrorism and security cooperation thanking the Nchamy Ncmyat and Jordanian armed forces brave, Vodaahm outstanding dedication and willingness to sacrifice for the sake of their nation is the source of inspiration for all.

I also commend the leaders of Jordan, led by His Majesty King Abdullah II, to the extent of power and good vision they showed in the command of the coalition to defeat Daash forces and defeat efforts.

This is the first time in 40 years in which waging soldiers and pilots Jordan, along with the United States and 61 partner in the alliance, a war for the defense of Jordan.

The Jordanian people still showing toughness and determination is to prevent extremists from Jordan and openly questioning his moderation and his youth ... and determination to choose their own future instead of allowing extremists choice on his behalf.

What is the organization Daash?

Let us be clear from the outset in respect of the enemy we face, he called the alleged enemy of the Islamic state or "Daash". They are not only criminals, but criminals are known for extremism and violence.

Some of the terrorists are Daash militants of al-Qaeda members, they are the very people who Enbthagon out one and the same claim inheritance. Are the terrorists who killed 58 innocent, some of them were at the wedding in November 9, 2005. They will not hesitate to commit the offense, or the worst of it, again if given the chance.

The other segment of the Daash are Baathists and members of the former Iraqi regime, who seek to violence and retribution and to gain personal influence to their goals and certainly not for an Islamic caliphate, or for the benefit of the Iraqi and Syrian peoples.

And the rest of them Thousands of foreign fighters have joined the ranks of Daash not to defend the Syrians or Iraqis but to be exploited.

And trying to organize Daash today the expansion of what is beyond Iraq and Syria, as he claims the admission of new followers from Southeast Asia down to the coast. Where these desperate groups seek to imitate Daash name and carry the flag to promote special campaigns, which many see as a failure or a failure in the process. Daash needs to turn these new followers to claim that he is still in the ascendant, as it actually stands to defend himself in Syria, especially in Iraq's position.

This is enough to see the sights Daash membership, which includes criminals, murderers and terrorists to know that their claims in the formation of a new caliphate allegations are false. Islam is a religion of peace, and the Daash Vibjeh cruelty committed by.

Muslim scholars have stressed in an open letter addressed 126 prestigious world of Al-Azhar and throughout the Muslim world to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi that Islam forbids declaration of an Islamic caliphate without the consensus of all Muslims.

Islam forbids the killing of innocent people and torture and coercion to convert to Islam and slavery and denying women and children their rights.

But Daash robbed the lives of Sunni events in hotels in Amman, and executed Sunni others, including children, one after the other in the streets of Mosul, Hit, Deir ez-Zor. It also Sunni Muslims kill the likes of the Royal Air Force pilot Captain Martyr forbid Kasasbeh very Inferiority manner.

Battle Jordan

Taking the Daash killing Muslims, we know through private messages that seeks to attack and destroy Jordan, he is threatening since last June to invade Jordan and the "slaughter" of leadership and soldiers of the Jordanian armed forces brave.

However, the risk Daash not just the risk of my speech, but that has a significant negative impact on Jordan on a daily basis.

First: Daash pay more Syrian and Iraqi refugees to Jordan, and makes brutal and violent civilian rule the possibility of the return of these refugees to their homes is away.

While the United States has contributed about $ 600 million since 2012 for Syrian refugees and the host communities of Jordan, except for bilateral assistance that we provide to Jordan, but we realize that the burden on water and infrastructure for health, education alarming. I have seen it myself in the provinces of Karbd, Zarqa and Mafraq, Ramtha, and I commend the hospitality of Jordanians and patience, and call on the international community to provide more.

Second, beyond Jordan Daash from traditional markets. Exports to Syria fell to more than 72% between the years 2010 to 2014, and trade with Syria almost completely turned off at the moment. The same applies for trade exchange with Iraq, which fell by 52% since 2010.

The farmers have exceeded their losses for this season alone, 150 million dinars .. trucks and estimated their losses at about 200 million dinars since the beginning of the turmoil.

Third: I have hurt Daash presence on the Jordanian border vital tourism sector, which avoids the traditional tourists visiting the region as a whole because of the news that comes from Syria and Iraq.

Jordan as the number of visitors dropped from 8 million in 2010 to about 5 million in 2013, and closed 7 hotels in Petra, which is the jewel of tourism in Jordan. This decreased the number of visitors to Petra in 2015 alone by 42% during the first three months of the year compared to last year.

Fourth: the imposition of the Jordan Daash war prevented the use of efforts to find a serious and practical solutions to regional challenges. Jordan has worked for decades to maintain peaceful relations and establish mutually beneficial relations with its neighbors is beneficial to all parties, as it was and still is a major contributor to peacekeeping operations.

This Jordan has played a key role in promoting a just peace in the Middle East, and efforts are continuing, of course, but the threat posed by Daash face energies, resources and attention to the fight against extremists while he can be exploited in other ways.

As a result, I say that Daash did not leave for Jordan combat him only option, where Jordan is fighting for his safety and stability, and is fighting for its economy and the opportunities for future generations, and fighting in defense of such as Jordan of moderation, tolerance and inclusiveness.

It is clear that these extremists have failed to intimidate the Jordan, as the overwhelming majority of Jordanians are aware that Daash and other extremists are a threat to their lives peaceful and moderate.

A poll conducted by the Center for Strategic Studies recently showed that 92 percent of Jordanians believe that Daash poses a threat to the stability of Jordan, and 87% support participation in the war against Daash, and in fact it is hard to find is approved by 87% of Americans, and therefore considered this agreement Great among Jordanians was remarkable.

Jordanian leadership

Jordanians are aware that their participation in the coalition is necessary inevitably, is that participation alone is not enough, this coalition depends on the Jordanian leadership.

Jordan is capable of leadership, he must do so as it represents and will represent the antithesis of all Daash.

Although Jordan Arab nation that believes in modernity and openness to the outside

Jordan is also tolerant and inclusive country, with a Muslim majority, accept non-Muslim minorities as equal citizens and equal.

Jordan also is a messenger of peace led by the Hashemites guardians of the Islamic and Christian holy places in Jerusalem. Jordanians have never given up on their commitment to a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians together to coexist side by side.

Daash fear or should have feared Jordan and all that it represents Jordan.

Jordan and prove through his moderation and success of that vision Daash a lie. Jordan is able to show that there is a better future and better alternatives to the Arab and Muslim youth and all the peoples of the region.

As stated by His Majesty King Abdullah II in early March, saying, "It is not a western battle, but a battle of Islam, in which everyone together against these Kharijites." This respects the United States government and people of Jordan stand for being at the forefront of this fight.

US commitment

Although Jordan take the lead, but he does not stand alone, where the United States stands with Jordan side by side, in addition to the 61 members of the coalition.

As US President Obama clearly said during a visit by King Abdullah II to Washington last year: "Very few of our friends and partners and allies around the world were on this degree of stability and reliability] as Jordan]." Our commitment towards Jordan is a commitment in deeds and not in words.

Jordan is one of the largest recipients of US aid, including security assistance, to enable him to defend himself.

In February, Jordan and the United States signed a memorandum of understanding for the three years in which the United States confirmed the intention to make a billion dollars in aid each year, where it includes $ 300 million in military financing and foreign, as we plan to provide more in 2015 for a total of $ 385 million.

This Jordan is one of the few countries that provide the United States loan guarantees, which provides hundreds of millions of dollars on state-of-interest, and enable it to achieve its objectives for the achievement of development and economic reform important. We are in the final phase to prepare for the third loan guarantee in addition to the historic $ 2.25 billion we made previously in the form of loan guarantees.

We have signed agreement on Sunday which give Jordan more wheat than $ 25 million of us in recognition of the pressures imposed by the Syrian refugees to Jordan, where the wheat will be sold in Jordan and will use the proceeds to fund important infrastructure project in the water sector started.

In addition to the foreign military financing, Jordan has received over the past five years more than $ 80 million of additional US equipment for the defense, including mine-resistant and air defense missiles and two C-130 compounds.

As we have provided assistance to the convergence of $ 180 million through the Jordanian border security program to ensure that our partners possess Jordanian technology and equipment necessary to secure its borders and exercises.

Another example of our commitment to the security of Jordan are maneuvers Assad-prepared, which is the largest annual military exercises in the Middle East.

And it includes exercises Assad-prepared, designed to improve the joint work between our military forces, which stretches over 14 days in 2015, and currently underway, nearly 10,000 soldiers from the United States, Jordan, 16 partner countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. Before the start of the operations that took place in the summer of last year in Iraq and Syria, cooperation and planning between the US and Jordanian forces are on a daily basis.

In total, We have provided more than $ 2 billion in military aid since 2009, including help Jordan to get the equipment, materials and training the Jordanian Armed Forces need to maintain readiness and modernization of its forces and face Daash.

Turning point

Under the banner of the Jordanian leadership advanced military capabilities I am optimistic that 2015 will be a turning point in our fight to defeat sustainable extremists point.

We actually are making a real progress, the Iraqi security forces with the help of coalition forces regained 30% of the populated and Daash formerly occupied territories.

In the meantime, Kurdish peshmerga forces Bdaash have been paid to the parties to the connector plug connector and secured with great importance. In Syria, fighters repel moderates Daash in Kobanî with the help of the coalition, as they are now working to expand the liberated territories.

And this has proved that Daash not invincible power as he claims regulation.

Since the end of the month of April, the coalition launched more than 3,100 air strike, including 1,800 in Iraq and 1,300 in Syria.

As a result, Daash no longer able to control the land, which was previously dominated, no longer able to focus his forces on the battlefield as he did, no longer able to communicate or move as it was before or to collect the money as it was collected. . And slowly but surely, become a force in the stifling Daash Toralnhih, we force them to change their tactics.

Once again, the leadership of Jordan remains essential in this context, where she participated in 325 sorties against targets Daash, and flew during which pilots Jordanians many times higher than the number of times by the coalition partners combined.

The death toll in itself is not considered a good measure of success in the war, but maybe it was for the leaders of Daash shorter average expected for ages on Earth. And the foreign fighters should understand one thing clearly, namely: If you go to Syria Owalarac not count on never return.

This will see increasing numbers of fighters feel disappointed by promises Daash false, where it joins the ranks of young people, believing that they will fight the Assad regime or the Iranians, but they find themselves cooking and cleaning or worse than that which is being forced to kill innocent civilians who they are Arabs are Sunni in place mostly.

We will increase our capacity to defeat Daash Tdermerha and more as the United States and the coalition forces are stepping up the training and qualification of local moderate forces that can wage war against Daash in the field and edit their own home.

This means re-training and re-equipping of Iraqi security forces and assist the KRG peshmerga forces.

The United States and coalition forces have so far trained two brigades of the Iraqi army, by 4,000 troops, and there is still three other brigades receive training in five training sites.

On April 14, President Obama pledged in a joint statement with Iraqi Prime Minister al-Abadi, down US support for the Iraqi security forces, and initiatives to involve the tribes.

As Prime Minister al-Abadi said it is important that Iraqis work year along with the Iraqi security forces, the liberation of the Sunni-dominated areas of control Daash.

The President has welcomed the Iraqi government's decision to provide thousands of guns and other equipment for the tribal fighters in Anbar province, as has been the mobilization of thousands of Sunni tribal fighters across Iraq.

Away from the battlefield, expresses Sunnis in Anbar and elsewhere in Iraq for a real and deep grievances must be addressed to enable them to participate fully in building the future of their state.

In the same joint statement, Prime Minister al-Abadi pointed out his vision of a more decentralized governance model, as demanded by the Iraqi constitution, which would enable local Sunnis and other minority communities. Council of Ministers has approved the draft law of the National Guard, in which the Iraqi parliament is currently considering, which would maximize the effectiveness of the formation of multi-ethnic groups and with new federal security force restructuring.

Finally, and where it does not exist in Syria this type of organization to work with ground forces, we are now working on the preparation of the training program and equip 5,000 members of the Syrian opposition every year to be ready to fight Daash on their land, and Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar agreed to host training facilities.

Other themes in addition to the military axis

I have spoken at length about the air strikes and training, but we know that the battle against extremism is much more than a military conflict.

We have to understand who is the actual and potential support for Daash supporter.

Foreign fighters who travel to Syria and Iraq to fight alongside Daash from all walks of life come, Some rich and poor, secular and religious, including many who do not understand the true meaning of Islam, and also come from 100 countries including the United States.

Some experts point to poverty, economic and social exclusion as an explanation for why young people join the Daash. This is certainly a reason for joining, but it can not be the only reason, we know that the intellectuals and the rich have joined the ranks of Daash and al-Qaida and other extremist groups.

It seems the religious motivation also an explanation is not enough, we know that Daash do not represent the truth of Islam, and we have found that many of the recruits in the ranks of Daash are not quite religious, but they are in fact people who likely they were criminals in the past.

Thus, one of the tasks that are still in front of us is the better understanding of why and how the ratification of a small percentage of Jordanians and the Americans did the Europeans and others to the lies promoted by Daash and turns them into terrorists.

I have explained His Majesty King Abdullah II mission when he said "the humanitarian arm itself with ideas, and justice, and economic and social inclusion".

It is essential that we take every step available to immunize young people of today lies Daash.

As we know lies Daash may be attractive to some, where you may prepare them flimsy promises as giving meaning to the life of the individual or other promises appreciated or false promises related to doing their duty towards their people or their beliefs. . Parents, teachers, religious leaders and officials all of whom play a role in ensuring the roads leading to extremism cut. This means that give young people more and better opportunities to work and have a positive impact on society.

It also means that empower youth by providing them with critical thinking skills to be prepared to reject the lies of extremists, it is essential that schools, students learn to think and not only save and repeat what they have heard. Acceptance of the blind and repetition is exactly what it is counting Daash to spread deviant ideology.

It also means that dissociate our youth for the best recruitment tools used by recruiters and Nhsnhm against extremists, whether online or in mosques or prisons.

Internet is precisely a blank page because we can draw upon the ideals and aspirations best for the community, but at the same time is a platform used by extremists to promote their false promises to look more logical or even more enticing. Internet is also a fact of life, and the United States attaches great importance to freedom of expression, but we have to watch carefully and we face those who are recruiting online.

It is essential that our battle against extremism does not weaken our efforts to make our communities more tolerant and our governments more representative and responsive to the people, as this may Daash to provide a back door for victory.

The United States has learned this lesson after ten atheist September attacks in New York and Washington. Because of the rush to respond to a range of real threats, the practices of our government are incompatible with our values.

We keep the momentum we have, and to improve our communities.

In Jordan, His Majesty King Abdullah II referred to the reform as a "strategic choice", and said he would not allow the regional turmoil and the war against Daash remove the derailed reform.

In the long run, will help reform the defeat Daash and other extremists completely as placed bombs on terrorist targets. For example, is a vital media and free is essential to expose the lies of Daash, where journalists and Internet activists needs a space of freedom to write the truth (about Daash) but also about the successes and failures of their leaders. It should be the traditional media and the means of social communication platforms for discussion is free and open, it can not Daash win in a free and open debate. While extremists use the Internet to market their wares, it is also a place reveals deceived, where the photos, videos and tweets related executions and other abusive acts carried out by Daash of show to the world the true nature of these criminals. The fair judiciary is the one who puts the dividing line that distinguishes between state governed by the rule of law and a country ruled by violence and arbitrary power, where citizens need to know that they will be treated fairly. While the terrorists should be tried as terrorists, but it should not do this against critics of ordinary people and journalists. Finally, representative government responsive to ensure, as seen by His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Jordanian feeling their responsibility towards their country's policies and belonging to their government. As emphasized by President Obama, it's defense capacity building is not enough against external threats but the challenge lies in how to persuade young people a year that they have other options] is Daash]. I have spoken at length about Daash other extremists, is that terrorist groups do not exist in a vacuum, are not considered The only security challenge for Jordan and the United States and the region. nourished terrorists to instability, and are trying to justify their actions with reference to the grievances existed since the time even if they do not provide any real problems in the region solutions. Let us be clear, did not provide Daash anything for the Palestinian cause, and in the Yarmouk camp did not any thoughtlessness show the lives of the Palestinians, just as you do with others. As Daash does not offer a solution to the challenge posed by Iran or the Assad regime, with the exception of a bloody sectarian war that could engulf the region and the world. In fact, the absence of solutions to all the wide regional challenges this serve Daash as they lead to a state of instability and despair which work needed for extremists to stay. So, while we fight the thought Daash military and ideological levels, it can not be for us to ignore other challenges ahead of us. It is necessary to maintain and increase the pressure for the transition from Assad's rule to a legitimate government in Syria to resort to negotiations. After killed 200,000 of his countrymen, Assad has lost his legitimacy long time ago. Images of explosive barrels a fall on unarmed civilians and children who have been deprived of food and medicine in areas under siege and thousands of pictures Hazeela the bodies of prisoners who were shot in the head, all of sufficient evidence of cruelty and inhumane stories. But we know that Assad does not stand alone, where the Iranian-backed and Hezbollah and Russia. Iran continues to play its role destructive in the region as we see it every day in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. This does not mean we have sought to reach an agreement to curb Iran's ability to get a weapon Nowi- which is an agreement will benefit all countries in the region - we Sngd a blind eye to Iran's attempts to destabilize stability in the region and ignite the flames of the Sunni-Shiite conflict and to enable its agents. Finally, it is not possible to talk about the Jordanian and regional security without the objective of reaching a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East address. The United States remains committed to working with all parties to reach a just solution based on negotiations. Such peace empower moderates and prove that the adjustments dialogue return better results from demagoguery and terrorism. We will ask all parties to abide by its promises and as White House chief of staff, Mr. Dennis Mikdana said recently: "We look forward to the next Israeli government to support its words with actions and policies demonstrate a genuine commitment to a solution that guaranteed the two states ", but we know that the status quo is unsustainable and that the settlements are illegal. The Majesty King Abdullah II struggled constantly to end the conflict in a just preserves the dignity of the parties to the dispute. We agree that the two-state solution is the only way to peace. We can not be allowed not to our satisfaction about the current situation that Adjanluna give up our efforts. With the formation of the new Israeli government, I am confident that Foreign Minister Kerry will continue in his efforts to create an environment conducive to negotiations, but our desire to do so should not outweigh the desire of the parties concerned. In conclusion, the United States and Jordan is facing a dynamic and serious threats, in the forefront of organizing Daash comes when talking for terrorist groups, but there is also a brutal Assad and terrorism which is supported by the State of Iran and despair generated by the occupation which boat to fifty years. However, we face these threats together, and as President Obama has stressed recently: "I do not represented the interests of the United States Home in the region in the oil nor is it interests related to the land ... but that all should live in a consistent peace, and not to be subjected allies to attack, and not received the explosive barrels on our children, and not speaking a large displacement movements. Fmsalehna this sense is just to make sure things are going well in the region. " succeed region when thrive state such as Jordan and become more modern, and although the road ahead to defeat Daash and achieve other vital regional security goals will not be easy or short, but I am optimistic that we will win, and the reason for this president is the ability of the Jordanian people and their leadership to meet this challenge. Thank you very much

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