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Obama's plan: Iran ally "reliable" American imperialism

Obama's plan: Iran ally "reliable" American imperialism
Obama's plan: Iran ally

13-04-2015 10:13 PM
Safety ..... wrote attorney reached a tentative agreement on the Iranian nuclear file to open a new situation, and policies of the volatility of what was customary in previous decades.
It has emerged since the occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran in 1980 that a contradiction governs the relationship between the two countries, despite the exposure of Iran Gate scandal in 1983 that showed D arms to Iran during its war with Iraq. Although compatibility and perhaps Altenseeq- year 2003, when the US forces advanced to the occupation of Iraq, and then Iran's role in the sectarian sorting there, as well as in the murder of scientists, pilots and senior officers, destruction and sectarian incitement, and finally dominate the power through Related categories.
This relationship remained ambiguous relations control over all of those contracts, a confusion that was giving the Iranian regime a distance which can speak on behalf of the resistance, and Altlati the name of Palestine. And thus play as "Shiites" time, and the name of Palestine once again for control and domination, having taken the slogan "Death to America"-year-old title, where it was clear that the power in Iran is working in every way to extend its control over the Levant, and the promotion of international influence through it , and the transition to her extensions and influence, to serve the interests of an international force.
For that seized control of Iraq after the American withdrawal, and benefited from the weakness of power after a year and a half of the revolution in Syria, in order to control the controller, which controls the situation in Lebanon through Hezbollah, which benefited from the resistance to the Zionist occupation in order to become a dominant interior force, and advanced in Yemen through training and support for the Houthis, and the role that they played in the recent period.
But America did not appear to embarrassing of all, it has allowed the control of "Shiite" (any sectarian) for power in Iraq, which enabled them to it under the title of "majority rule" (sectarian sense), even though it was like to be under its control are , which misfire after its withdrawal.
Iran's defense did not oppose power in Syria, were not where you want to triumph of the revolution, but Syria wanted to flood the blood and destruction, as is done in Iraq, in Yemen Houthis ignored the expansion for some time.
In all those cases, the "expansion" of the Iranian passes of cracks that are created by, and with her ​​consent, despite all the "Althuah" Media sometimes, or sometimes emphasize the other differences. While the media was focused on the differences that govern the relationship between the two parties, and shows the "paradox" that governs their interests.
Now, why America insists on the agreement with Iran? Why all this indulgence?
I pointed out in previous articles to the US strategy which crystallized the beginning of the year 2012, and announced by Barack Obama in 06.01.2012, it has become America's priority is the Asia-Pacific region, out of fear of the "China threat", in the sense that China has become the center of global perception in regards to the United States.
"Middle East" is no longer a priority, with the Gulf remain part of the "national security" as stated in the Carter, the principle of which was released in 1980, as a result of the presence of oil, the US and the need to control all the policies that relate to it, so that the dollar remains the only currency that is sold out and to ensure the flow of Mdjulath to America.
The face of the "China threat" is likely to make Iran an important US strategy in detail, precisely to ensure the stability of the Gulf on the one hand, and to cut the road to China to gain access to the Gulf in case of escalation of the conflict with the other hand. Thus, it has become an understanding with Iran, and an alliance with it, is key to US policy in the "Middle East", especially in the Gulf, especially after the "Middle East" is no longer a priority.
But, the problem is the "Iranian ambition" to which I have just referred, and who was it a revolt to be an American tool, but you want to be perfect, and an agent may also in the reign of the Shah, and even more, it can be said that it is now want to be dealt with as a force equivalent in the framework of a global alliance, which is also sought to him, out of the stock, which has become stuck out after the year 2011 (the American withdrawal from Iraq, and the Arab revolutions), as I have noted before.
That is why America has worked during the past period within the policy lead to the imposition of "humility" on them through economic sanctions which have escalated to reach the imposition of the embargo on Iran's central bank, which was controlled in the sale of Iranian oil means as a result of that the dollar is the currency that is sold out, and therefore no longer Iran able to sell oil because the proceeds from the book by the US central bank, which enter Iran in an economic crisis, is now threatening an internal explosion, and in the inability to finance its regional role, in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.
America has resorted to negotiate with Iran and is "under pressure" in order to be accepted by giving it a regional role in the US policy towards the borders of the region, that is, become part of the US strategy towards the region, rather than a regional power has the ambition to control and dominate.
If the nuclear file, an important element in previous disputes, where America was not want Iran to become a nuclear power, is to reach an agreement now it means that the dialogue will move to the consensus on the Iranian role in the region after it had become leaders declare they are in control of the four Arab capitals, Some surface to permit rebuilding Empire demolished by the Arabs with the emergence of the Islamic state, and to consider Iraq a substantial part of them, and after that the military presence has become evident in Iraq and Syria, to end the practice of actual leadership of the struggle against the people.
Of course, perhaps these statements are "put up papers" in the framework of the ongoing dialogue to Iran over its show in the context of bargaining taking place to arrange a role, but the fact that the actual presence in Iraq and Syria shows, especially after he became the de facto leadership of the officers Iranians.
If America was "played" Bdaash intervention in Iraq, and partly in Syria, in order to be edited from this Iranian Obstreperousness return Iraq to the shape drawn by the US strategy during the occupation, any US control of key power, and the role of Iranian companion in light of the survival of the Iraqi sectarian forces affiliated to Iran the dominant power.
If Iran had paid to move the Houthis in Yemen in order to gain new leaves, having become announces direct role in all of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and therefore Yemen, the Saudi Gulf intervention Turkish Pakistan came to amend the situation, and to clarify the boundaries of Iranian power, thus giving America the ability to impose consensus "balanced", limits the Iranian Obstreperousness basically. After we moved to this been made ​​clear that the possibility of consensus on Iran's nuclear program, including the escalation of the conflict is a regional conflict, in a moment of transition to search in the regional roles of each of these countries (Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran especially).
This conflict will become part of the American-Iranian negotiating access points to determine the limits of the Iranian role in the region, and what it means their role in maintaining the stability of the Gulf. So we will see in the coming period a strategic shift turns the perceptions that have accumulated during the past two decades, ending reluctance to agree a strategic framework, and arrange it compatible for the entire Arab region, and become an ally of Iran "credible" American imperialism.
America in light of the economic crisis incurable, and approved the same US administration of failing to be resolved and decided to manage, painted a new strategy Iran needs them, and this would be reflected on the whole "Middle East", and the alliances the United States where, after that Iran is now a detailed therein. This is the essence of the situation that indicates that Iran has become an ally for "American imperialism."
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