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Messages in Clinton: US ambassador describes Hajj b «were born» and Abdul Jalil and the Cape of Egyptian Brotherhood

Messages in Clinton: US ambassador describes Hajj b «were born» and Abdul Jalil and the Cape of Egyptian Brotherhood
Cairo - center | Gate الأربعاء مايو 27 2015, 2:38 PM
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Leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Badi and Abdul Hakim Belhaj and Abdul Rahim Cape and Mustafa Abdul Jalil (Internet) (photo smile emoticon Leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Badi and Abdul Hakim Belhaj and Abdul Rahim Cape and Mustafa Abdul Jalil (the Internet)
It showed e-mail messages for the former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, citing political sources secret fears the NTC leaders of maneuvers and attack the President of the National Party currently Abdul Hakim Belhaj, before the parliamentary elections in 2012, and indicated that one of the messages to Belhadj b «were born», There were, in a letter on the third of April 2012 information from the interference of leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Badie, and his role as mediation between the head of the Transitional Council Mustafa Abdul Jalil, and Prime Minister Abdul Rahim Cape and the Community of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, because of his sympathy and support to them where they were from members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood during the period their study in Egypt.
The US State Department published Hillary Clinton electronic messages on its Web site last Friday.
Osama Aljowaily defense minister in the government of the Cape (file: Internet)
Osama Aljowaily defense minister in the government of the Cape (file: Internet)
The message reads as follows:
Sender: Jacob Sullivan (Director of Policy Planning Department senior State Department officials and Deputy in the era of Hillary Clinton)
Date: April 3, 2012
Addressee: Jeffrey Feltman, Gene Cretz (the first American ambassador in Libya), John Stevens (American ambassador who was killed in the September 11, 2012 in Benghazi)
Topic: the latest report from the source HRC (intended source Hillary Rodham Clinton) and I'd know your response.
Sources: directly related to the National Transitional Council of the Libyan sources, and sources at the highest levels of European governments, and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, and intelligence sources and Western security.
1. During the last week of March 2012, the Libyan Transitional Council leaders discussed the escalating popularity of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood group, in preparation for the parliamentary elections scheduled for July 2012.
According to a source directly relevant to these discussions, President Mustafa Abdul Jalil said the words he sees the emergence of direct Libyan Brotherhood as a key factor in the upcoming elections, which are already experiencing complications because of the federal movement in the territory of historical Cyrenaica, which has the status of semi-autonomy.
It is believed Defence Minister Osama Aljowaily and Prime Minister Abdul Rahim Cape, that the rise of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood group, which was a relatively small member of the Transitional National Council until November 2011, is in fact linked to the federal movement in eastern Libya.
According to Aljowaily son Zintan area in western Libya, the Libyan Brotherhood derives its strength from people who fear that the federal movement in Cyrenaica will result in the dominance of this region of the country, and to control the exaggerated share of oil and mineral wealth revenues.
For his part, Abdul Jalil said that he agreed with Oil Minister Abdul Rahman bin Lise, that if the issues were not resolved by July elections, the unstable nature of the political process in Libya will destroy the country's image as an economic partner, and give rise to confusion among foreign banks and institutions of oil, seeking to open new links with the new Libyan government or reactivate existing agreements.
2 - According to the source sensitive nutria said during the discussion of this issue with the head of the crisis management in the Transitional Council, Dr. Abdel Nasser Hmath, the more complicated aspects of the rise of the Libyan Brotherhood is taking the leadership role that Islamic militia commander General Abdul Hakim Belhaj Secretary.
In the opinion of this source, the leadership of the Transitional Council and Belhadj is considered one of the greatest threats to the success of their system over the long term.
He also said Aljowaily The Hajj is the head of the founding committee of the Party of the Libyan Brotherhood justice and construction, and the provisions of the control of the federal movement in early March 2012, Aljowaily met the instructions of the Cape and Abdul Jalil with Hajj and warlords other Western (meaning western Libya) to ensure their support in the case of the need for military force for the survival of a unified country.
Like the pilgrim among the most effective Western militia militia (intended western Libya).
Abdul Rahim Cape (file: Internet)
Abdul Rahim Cape (file: Internet)
3. According to the defense minister, the situation with the federal traffic boosted the prestige of Hajj the time that he was working to secure a leading role in the Libyan group the Muslim Brotherhood and its party for Justice and Development.
And feel the Cape and Abdul Jalil concerned that despite the fact that the Libyan Brotherhood have a limited base after years of repression during the former dictator Muammar Gaddafi's regime, but that the group will appeal to the Libyans who believe that the NTC system is subject to the influence of the United States and Western Europe.
And support the activities of the pilgrim group in the Libyan Brotherhood and its party Justice and Development this vision.
Abdul Jalil and finds this frustrating situation, especially in light of the usual assertions that Libya can operate Islamic law (Islamic law) while retaining appropriate relations with the West, and remain hostile to Israel.
4 - (Comment Source: in an exclusive interview Abdul Jalil said he is working on the balance of domestic political realities with the concerns of the international business community.
President and worried that the appointment of Ben Lise Minister of Petroleum in October 2011, granting Justice and Construction Party tangible concern to be used against candidates Transitional Council in July elections.
After his long experience as a senior official in the Italian oil company «Eni» see Belhaj and members of several of the Libyan Brotherhood, Ben Lise symbol of the cause that Sithirunha in the elections; the idea that the Transitional Council, like Gaddafi, a corrupt system and was involved in allowing foreign interests control of the mineral wealth of the country.
Abdul Jalil agree with nutria that bin Minister Lise excellent and in the long run will play an important role in the management of mineral wealth of the country effectively.
Mustafa Abdul Jalil (file: Internet)
Mustafa Abdul Jalil (file: Internet)
5. According to the source, the very sensitive Abdul Jalil and his advisers had contacts with the supreme leader Mohammed Badie, the leader of the largest Egyptian Brotherhood and the most powerful (from the Libyan Brotherhood).
These contacts are based largely on the need for the president to deal with the reports he had received reports that the Libyan Brotherhood is seeking support Badie and his advisers.
This effort is important in particular in the light of the prevailing belief among Transitional Council leaders that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and its party of freedom and justice will control the government in Egypt with the country's move toward civilian rule in the last 2012, and in this source view the Badi sympathetic with Jalil position, especially since the Libyan leader (intended Mustafa Abdul Jalil) and nutria were members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood during the days of their study in Egypt.
According to Jalil, the Supreme Leader will work to influence the Libyan Brotherhood even cooperate with the Libyan Transitional Council, and will be put Badi fact his ability to cooperate with the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces and to the same extent with the light Salafi Egyptian party, which helped to consolidate the (idea) that the Brotherhood is the dominant political force in Egypt, while avoiding major violence rates.
6 - (Comment Source: The source is very sensitive within the Egyptian Brotherhood stressed that Badi and Abdul Jalil talked together in an attempt to develop a plan to deal with the Libyan Brotherhood).
According to this source Abdul Jalil to Badi he said that the Libyan Brotherhood and its party Justice and Development are far from the tolerance with foreign companies and bank interests more than the Council Transitional National Assembly, and that the strong appearing in the July elections will support Belhaj and other Islamist militants, which will have a negative impact on the Libyan economy, and which will lead to provoke problems for Egypt as it is recovering from (the effects of) its revolution in 2011.
Abdul Jalil this point and stressed that the NTC was able to avoid violent confrontations between rival groups, even in the face of the federal movement in the East, a region adjacent to the Egyptian border.
He warned that the victory of the Libyan Brotherhood and its party can change this situation and lead to an increase in violence between rival which can be extended to Egypt effects militias.
Mohammed Badie (file: Internet)
Mohammed Badie (file: Internet)
7. According to the source, the Libyan sensitive Brotherhood has a complex history, Abdul Jalil and nutria and believe that this past by some of the points that can be used against the Muslim Brotherhood and the Party for Justice and Development in July elections.
Transitional Council leaders know that after the arrival of Gaddafi to power in 1969, was suppressed group Libyan Brotherhood and many of its leaders were executed publicly, and enables Brotherhood of reorganizing themselves in the United States and Europe, and entered into a dialogue with the Gaddafi regime in 1999, and in 2005 they began a series of negotiations with Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, who was seeking to cooperate and neutralize the opposition groups, especially Islamic.
8 - According to the Msdrnevsh Belhaj and other Islamist leaders they did not trust in the Libyan Brotherhood during the first months of the revolution in 2011.
However, the foundations of the pilgrim work with former deputy defense minister in the Transitional Council Chairman of the Alliance revolutionary brigades Fawzi Abu shoulder relationship (intended Saraya rebels) in the east of Libya, and Abu shoulder is the leader of the Libyan Brotherhood, and spent more than 18 years in prison, including a period in Abu Salim prison notorious, and under the leadership of Abu shoulder and leaders like Dr. Abdullah Shami Chairman of the Economic Committee in the National Transitional Council, the Brotherhood emerged as a community in a unique system Jalil - nutria, until they began planning an independent political activity in late 2011 and early 2012.
9 - at the beginning of 2012, with the deterioration of relations between the Transitional Council on the one hand and the pilgrim and the leaders of other Islamists on the other hand in the face of ethnic conflicts and regional powers, the Libyan Brotherhood with began the pilgrim in search of political activity independently, and in November 2011 during the first year conference in Benghazi, Libyan Brotherhood elected a new leader, and was increasing the number of members of the Advisory Council from 11 to 30 people and decided to establish a political party, the Party for Justice and Development.
Former President of the Advisory Council Mohamed Sawan and narrowly won over his rival Libyan Brotherhood leader for a long time Suleiman Abdel Kader, becoming the first president of the Party for Justice and Development, was elected Bashir Kabta general supervisor of the group.
10 - (Comment Source: According to the relevant source, the Libyan Brotherhood leaders are sensitive to accusations that his Justice and Development Party, a religious agenda is limited, and they are encouraged Walid drunken man, who was not a member of the Brotherhood, to compete for the leadership of Justice and Construction Party, the source said Belhaj and other leaders Islamists believe that the Libyan Brotherhood is seeking to follow the electoral path that has achieved successes in the Islamic movement in Egypt, Tunisia and other Arab countries, and sees the pilgrim now that the country will move forward under the rule of Sharia, Islamic bloc manages the Muslim Brotherhood and its party include justice and construction.
Bashir Kabta Comptroller General of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya (file: Internet)
Bashir Kabta Comptroller General of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya (file: Internet)
Text comment John Stevens (American ambassador who was killed in the September 11, 2012 in Benghazi)
Addressee: Jacob Sullivan addition to Jeffrey Feltman and Gene Cretz
Date April 3, 2012
Very sexy Report incidentally met yesterday with his insight ---- (name deleted for reasons of national security) in Benghazi, and we discussed the electoral prospects of the group, the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, which is not believed to be will have many followers because they do not have a strong organization, and because most Libyans see group Libyan Brotherhood mere offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, and the Libyans do not want to be ruled by Egypt, which did not mention the important point made in the report on the Brotherhood as an interview federal movement based in the Middle hub, which stressed that in spite of that the federal movement has received broad support in the East and will continue Up the ante with Tripoli, including the possibility of action in the field of oil production in this part of the country (Ajoko, a major oil company owned by the state, based in Benghazi).
Gene Cretz comment text (the first US ambassador in Libya) on report
Addressee: Jacob Sullivan, John Stevens, in addition to Jeffrey Feltman
History April 5, 2012
Jack: I have read this report over and over again, and it seemed to me a bit strange, and I finally realized that the source is the confusion between the two Hajj: One is Abdul Hakim Belhaj born «our boy», which we and the British extradition accuse us, and the second is the Secretary-Islamic leader Belhaj which I think his presence in the former in Sudan but now he returned to his country, Libya, and the last is a leader in the Justice and Construction Party and the Muslim Brotherhood, and the first is the former leader of the Libyan Fighting Group and now the Islamic Movement for Change Jamahiriya, commander of the Western Brigade (meaning western Libya), which seized control of several Mitiga Airport months, until October 23, and who tried to set himself the leader of the Supreme Military Council in Tripoli before the intervention Transitional Council several months ago, let me try to clarify it and see if it is consistent with the facts that we see.
Abdul Hakim Belhaj (file: Internet)
Abdul Hakim Belhaj (file: Internet)
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