Monday, July 20, 2015


Images are from this year, some May and June takes time for images to be released, however they are coming.
Everything is recycled, including us, there is an “Order” we have been here before and shall return, and nothing ends, always continuous, “panic” “fear” will not serve you, no good to us, many of those who are aware need to keep a grip, many of our fellow humans will need you when sh*t hits the fan, especially the religious lot.
These "false Flags" are for a reason, daily news about Isil, Iran , Greece, crap like that, that no-one gives a sh*t about is to keep us "dumb down", these images come from slightly remote areas, where the elite here are not to fussed about, all the major cities have chemtrails covering NI.BIRU, it just takes 1 image on a social network, for others to pick up on it and then "BOOOOM"  mainstream...

NI.BIRU will end life, but where life ends, life begins..

NI.BIRU is a craft.
First we need to understand the word NI.BIRU, it’s from the ancient Sumerians as found in the Chaldean, Accadian, Aramic and Ashuric as Nabara, “to raise, to elevate, to go up”
Also known by;  Planet of the Crossing, Planet X, Red Dwarf, NI.BIRU, Blue Kachina, Red Kachina, Nabara, Hercolubus, Nemesis, the Destroyer (yes destroyer of the negative, the disagreeable)
Also Merkabah meaning "the movable throne” (they have the power to start life and end life)
The craft NI.BIRU is a cube that whence, is in motion revolves and rotates, and creates an orb, giving the impression of a globe or planet structure, but is cubed.
NI.BIRU does not travel alone..
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