Thursday, July 9, 2015

Barack Obama and Congress, which has been strained in the past week after Obama exempts five million immigrants present in the United States illegally

Behaviors «CIA» in torture gain the lion's share of coverage in the British press

US media: focus on congressional report
For torture «CIA» of terrorist suspects
US media coverage began last week focusing on blacks demonstrations (and others support them) against what they call «the white police cruelty», and ended the week focusing himself. Also, media coverage began to focus on the report of the Congress for the torture of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of terrorist suspects, and ended the week focusing himself.
But, the coverage focused on other topics.
In the beginning of the week, TV news channels quoted the confrontation between President Barack Obama and Congress, which has been strained in the past week after Obama exempts five million immigrants present in the United States illegally. In the House, with difficulty over the spending bill in the budget, and the closure of the government side. However, a large number of House of Representatives Republicans swear they did not surrender, and that the budget passed a few voices, and they will work to block its implementation.
At the beginning of the week, «Time» magazine drew attention when fighting «Ebola» disease in West Africa in the annual theme for «Person of the Year chosen.» This was one of the few times people choose the magazine group, not a personal one, usually in «Personality of the Year» Annual.
At the beginning of the week, focused on channel «Bloomberg» economic group economic news, including: the Supreme Court decision (9-0) that companies have the right not to pay the salaries of the staff and workers for the time they spend in the security inspections (due to increased fear of terrorism, increased Finally these operations). This was good news for companies, banks and private institutions. And published «Bloomberg» news least was happy for those, Sweden, a police attack on a site «The Pirate Bay offices» (Pirate Bay) who specializes in copyright fraud, and that the distribution of films and serials and wrote enjoy copyright. The US companies have launched a violent campaign against the site. Focused «Bloomberg» also on the US Supreme Court's decision against the British company «BBC» petroleum that were complained of frequent due to the compensation paid by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico four years ago, which amounted to more than $ 20 billion. And, of course, this was not good news for the company, and for other companies complain of increased consumer power and citizens demanding compensation for companies errors.
In the middle of the week, media attention weather returned, with the addition of a cold winter in the northern states, and heavy rains in the southern states, and in California. And specialized television channels in the follow-up to weather the state of California, which is gearing up, and then are faced with, the worst storm seen five years ago. These TV channels quoted views of schools are closed in San Francisco, and other area. Citizens quoted remarks about the storm, and the views of their attacks on commercial premises to buy food, or emergency materials.
In the middle of the week, it focused tabloids, such as «National Ankoiarar» and «Globe» scandals nationality, not an American, but British. Such as a prison sentence of 25 years on British television star Ray Triet because of a series of sexual assaults on 11 girls between 1960 and 1970, and such accusation Balakrishnan (Comrade Bala), among 25 charged in the case of the rape of girls, and treated as slaves.
With the end of the week, the newspaper «Washington Post» published a long report on Hillary Clinton's plan for the next presidential campaign. Although the topic is not new, the report pointed out that Clinton, while others are busy with terrorism, blacks and demonstrations, planning, in tan and accuracy, not only to win the Democratic Party nomination of her for the presidency in 2016 elections, but, also, to beat any candidate chosen by the Republican Party .
With the end of the week, broadcast television «CNN» rings for the end of the military presence of NATO in Afghanistan (some US troops will remain). The television said the Taliban activities have increased Finally, for this reason. Google TV views of a suicide bomber from the Taliban kill 6 Afghan army soldiers, and views on the outskirts of Kabul for a suicide bomber attacked a cultural center was made a play critical of the terrorist attacks, which resulted in the killing of a German citizen and wounding 16 others, and views about President Obama's decision to close the oldest prison in US-run United in Afghanistan, at Bagram airfield, near Kabul.
With the end of the week, «Bloomberg» returned to the subject of important economic, focused on the subject and other media devices, which increase the European showdown against the company «Google». The news was about the law in Spain is all what is published by newspapers and televisions there a legal right of copyright. Thus, «Google» not able to use in its location, and earn profits from behind it, without permission from the copyright owners.
This means that «Google» must be paid to these media devices, and means that the European war against «Google», and other Internet companies (such as «Microsoft») on charges of monopoly will not end.
In the British press was the committee the US Senate report on the torture methods used by the CIA (CIA) after the September 11 attacks (September) against detainees suspected of involvement with al-Qaeda received a lion's share in the weekly coverage in the British print media.
But marked by newspaper «The Guardian» known Bmeulha leftist liberalism in this coverage, which lasted out for days after the report President central week, which came in an article on the front page under the title «Torture: a stigma on the forehead of America», I wrote about what faced the British government pressure to appoint a judge to investigate on whether the agencies affiliated intelligence complicit in the torture of people suspected of involvement in terrorism carried out by «CIA» after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.
According to the paper in detail the reaction of President Barack Obama on the report as well as the contrast in attitude between the main British parties, and he said that Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in the coalition government will support a judicial inquiry after it emerged that British officials had held dozens of meetings with their American counterparts.
US Senate, said this week in a report that the interrogation techniques pursued by the CIA amount to torture which resulted in convictions extensive campaign, did not are referred to as Britain and other US allies in the report.
A spokesman for Prime Minister David Cameron told the newspaper he had not been asked to make any revision to remove any reference to British participation in any of the operations of alleged torture or involvement, and that any blackout «it will be based on national security the way the causes that may have done it with any other report» . The newspaper added that Clegg would support an investigation led by a committee of judges if intelligence and security affairs in the British Parliament conducted its investigation reported that there is complicity with the «CIA», leaving questions unanswered. It can report Senate hurt party «workers» exhibitions, which was in government during the interrogations of the program «CIA», which ends with US President Barack Obama in 2009.
On the economic front the newspapers dealt with the decline in European stocks end week recorded its biggest weekly drop since mid-2011, with energy stocks hit hard by falling oil prices. The Euro Stoxx index fell 600 large-scale 8.5 per cent during the week, which means a loss of about $ 524 billion of market capitalization, as I wrote the newspaper «Financial Times». The newspaper linked the London stock market situation with falling oil prices to new lows not seen since mid-2009, with increasing feelings of anxiety because of the abundance of world oil supply and weak demand. Crude oil prices have fallen nearly 50 percent since June been forced some European oil services companies to cancel the distribution of dividends because the major oil companies accelerated cost-cutting measures. And suspended the newspaper «Independent» British-oriented liberal left is the other the risk of deflation, which threatens the economy in the countries of the European currency area consolidated, the euro, saying the number on Thursday: «We have to know the meaning of the word contraction because it seems that the euro zone threatened to slide next year degree more in this case is blessed ». The paper expressed the view that if Europe wanted to return to the previous rates of growth that the liberation of labor markets and lift control markets for goods and capital markets and to promote competition. The newspaper added: «As long as the Europeans occur in a time of prosperity for these ideas, but we adjust them in a world that is moving towards deflation». The newspaper predicted not to be a good year in 2015 to reduce the budget and said: «For the British central bank to postpone plans for austerity to avoid the nightmare of deflation Europe». A survey published on Thursday, and this is a brief summary of all the newspapers, that the growth of house prices in Britain slowed last month to its lowest level in a year and a half, but planned to cut real estate taxes are likely to ease the recession sales. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors that the monthly index of house prices fell to plus 13 in November (November) from plus 20 in October (October), its lowest level since May 2013, when the housing market began in Britain rebound strongly.
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