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How to create "American intelligence" and Saudi intelligence bombers .. dirtiest CIA

How to create "American intelligence" and Saudi intelligence bombers .. dirtiest CIA operations the

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    How to create "American intelligence" and Saudi intelligence bombers .. dirtiest CIA operations the


    Jouhina News:

    Book: "turning America": written by each of the "Mark Phillips' former agent of the CIA and CIA" Cathy O'Brien, "former intelligence officer was tortured
    MK-ULTRA program to control the minds and MONARCH program for the enslavement of women and children:

    MK-ULTRA conducted by the CIA CIA secretly testing include personal removal of real per capita by electric special handling and then create and programming sporadic and distributed figures to different sections in mind a program that includes this makes taxable process Mhosa certain ideas are identified and programmed in advance ...

    This method is used in the programming of the suicide bombers who use them for assassinations.

    Under the National Security Act of 1947, it was established by the CIA. One of the areas that have been investigated by the CIA mind control field. Control Program was launched in response to the behavior of the use of the Soviets and the Chinese and the North Koreans to mind control techniques. The CIA first program in 1950 under her name Bluebird. The program "MK Ultra" was in 1953 officially began was suspended the program in 1964. In 1973 and after the leak some information about the planned investigations, head of the CIA is the time Richard Helms to destroy any record of "MK Ultra" (From the book controllers mind, p: 3, 10.17).

    The book "America turned" includes the full story of the case of "rat experiments" or US citizenship "Cathy O'Brien," that have been used are her daughter, "Kelly," Within this secret "UK-ULTRA" project, has survived thanks to former US intelligence agent, "Mark Phillips efforts" who succeeded in smuggling O'Brien before losing her mind or kill in the end when the experiments conducted by the ends, and in this context both O'Brien and Phillips offers a range of facts and documents backed pictures that show first volume of the abuses that take place in the largest and months against the rights of the American security establishment human, and secondly describes the successive American administrations crimes against its citizens first before strangers in different parts of the world.

    The book contains thirty-seven chapters divided into two parts the first of them put it, "Mark Phillips," and contains four chapters of the second section set by the case "Cathy O'Brien" itself on this subject ..

    The fact that the importance of this book does not come from being a talk on the subject of inhuman experiments carried out by only the CIA, but that its importance stems from his disclosure of the facts relating to recourse by the United States and led to various illegal means and illegal to impose American hegemony over the world and strengthen the pillars of world order new, and perhaps the "UK-ULTRA" project, which recent revelations is one of the most prominent tools by which to place science in order to control the minds of men individual and nations across the control of the information, and spreading lies that lead within what lead to the deployment of instability throughout communities target.
    Section I: "... with liberty and justice for all."
    In the first section of the book, which put "Mark Phillips" starts first definition of the term "control the mind" or the "Mind Control" explains Phillips how to control the minds and Msasha rights of the individual who exercised their right this issue .. the beginning of "control information" hyphen down to the individual and to the process of "brain" full control washing in all aspects of the behavior and thinking of the individual and then the application of methods that led to these results on the general level of the targeted communities.
    On page 16 of the book Phillips says: "We live today in a world where the continued presence of the Governments and business multinational depends on direct contacts, however, and because of the so-called excessive or inflation in the information shows the more people we see and hear information workers enough to take rational decisions regarding respect for our lives. Unfortunately, this is not true. This information is rapidly destructive form of society which we knew. "

    "Knowledge is power" and therefore for the US intelligence to keep the force in case of secrecy should be a top priority to work !!

    Thus, the "knowledge hidden force," according to the working methods of the CIA In this context newspaper published the "New York Times" in the 1971 report allowed the federal government published within the framework of the so-called "freedom of information", and this report was originally a report submitted US Congress clearly shows that the "CIA" is interested in studying the results of the secret influence of a number of satanic ritual mysterious and magic and ritual witchcraft practiced by groups of people who embrace some strange doctrines or so-called in foreign literature Pal "Cult" on the practitioners of black magic and the the minds and behavior of viewers and fields tests used in such acts carried out by the IAEA experts and the reasons for this effect, and it was special attention focused on the high-suggestion levels produced by certain satanic rites and in the minds of practitioners of these rituals and occupied ritual cannibalism and blood standing first in terms of importance in Research and experience "of the CIA."

    In the second chapter of the section written by Phillips features of his autobiography and scalability that defined his career than just a man advertisements and publicity and employee sales down to a position or a career, "an expert in the mind and behavior sciences" in the "CIA" .. and generally illustrates the issue or the issue of "control the behavior of keys in the discount" is one of the most important issues being discussed in the corridors of the work of "CIA" and other US security and military institutions.
    In the life of Phillips three landmark stations led him to the path of friction as the "CIA" and work on the first as this: is you know the "Alex Houston" one of the most important and CIA agents in the areas of dirty such work: arms smuggling, money laundering, child prostitution and white slave and the second: Qualification obtained by Phillips in the areas of advertising in the specialty rare to some extent, a specialization of how to control the behavior of viewers for the development of sales volume, and the third leg landmark in its history is that of marrying his American citizenship, "Kathy Phillips," which returned " Cathy O'Brien "after their divorce, but he was with her ​​daughter," Kelly Phillips "by the Houston and her mother to take her to an unknown location within the United States to exercise this inhuman experiments on them in a large group of citizens and foreigners.

    As part of his explanation of the circumstances of his smuggling his wife from the headquarters of the "Central Intelligence Agency"; where she conducted these experiments and then search for a way to hide from the eyes of the agency clients say, "Phillips" is of great significance phrases on the reality of the situation within the United States and the practices of the executive organs in administration America and the problems of American society as a whole, especially the issue of the absence of the human dimension, for example, says: "We were fugitives from the patient community became insane because of drugs," the CIA "and signed under the weight of films of violence and greed uncontrolled."

    The second section of the book is prepared by one of the victims Cathy O'Brien: crimes from behind the curtain .. Kathy O'Brien: My message to humanity.

    In the second section of the book, whereupon the "Status" "Kathy O'Brien" a detailed presentation horrific experience within the corridors of the "CIA", speaking in the same context, a set of facts about the side immoral of the Agency's activities .. She says, "by controlling the mind control never under the tyranny of "UK-ULTRA" project to control the mind based on the shock method lost the ability to control my thoughts voluntary optional .. I could not think or ask or explain or understand consciously I was only able to do what you're paid to do, but After all, those who judge in my mind and ultimately judge my actions in claiming they different or demons or gods, but my experience has shown that the perpetrators of the atrocities of the new world order are still unable to control the human spirit. "

    The author says here that the neck and tried troubles did not end until the moment of writing the lines of this book is not finished with the continued suffering of her daughter, "Kelly" of intellectual and mental state of coma that resulted from the experiences of "CIA" on them.

    And offers O'Brien very bad image and deviation from the United States and American society in general, where homosexuality and incest as suffered by the author alone and her brother by the same father, "Earl O'Brien" and Okhoalha .. leaving violent fingerprints on the psyche and the nature of her character with continued until old age. . Besides it shows that the author may Okhoalha to her mother died in a manner entirely consistent with the nature of American society Fajalha "Ted" died homeless on the streets of "Michigan", the other uncle "Bompar" has died because of his addiction to alcohol and drugs.

    In the same context, the author says that her father, who was a dealer fluffy white and practiced child prostitution on a large scale was the one who contributed to the sent to the "Monarch" US Secret Project, which is known in the books "CIA" on behalf of "UK-ULTRA" project; because that it will give him a "judicial immunity" to prevent local authorities and follow-up because of federal crimes that were committed in this area.

    In this context, composed a group of Catholic religious figures such as Father "Jay Vandrjajt" and representatives of the US government sets the highest possible level, both in the course of their job for small office at the beginning of career careers or through their work as "leaders" of the United States, including the former president, "Gerald Ford" In such a dirty business projects.

    Then after that show us the author amount of moral and social decline that reached American society continues to talk about her experience inside the corridors of "CIA" within "UK-ULTRA" or "Monarch"; where describes first the nature of the experiments brought to bear on them to control her mind and behavior project and paid to do acts were not to carry out an in full awareness and Tobaha humanitarian common sense and secondly illegal exploitation of human by those in charge of the project for cases under their hands to do the work for the senior ruling figures in the United States, led by former presidents of the country, including "Gerald Ford "As previously stated next to each of the" Ronald Reagan "and" Bill Clinton "and" Dick Cheney "US Vice President offline and Kathy also reported abnormal practices practiced with the current US Secretary of State" Hillary Clinton "and the knowledge and vision of her ex-husband Bill Clinton where Kathy says: "Hillary Clinton is the only woman raised sexually when my vision, despite the large number of bodily deformed anomalous practices".

    Among the most prominent violations that I've writer as its expertise in the corridors of the "CIA" is exposure to electric shocks and sex and abnormal practices with cases in spite of them with the creation of a set of signals in the minds of the cases are under exposure to either erase their will and force them to implement what they are asked none or forget the experiences they are waging with officials of the federal government adults who were visiting the headquarters of the "UK-ULTRA" project or "Monarch" to get to know some of the cases that are suitable according to the writer to practice with abnormal behavior humanitarian or moral is.

    The main topics of contention exciting to wonder about the extent of the penetration of the deviation in the political, religious and social institutions assumed the reform of society and evaluate the behavior within the United States, is that the practices of the various American churches and clergy employees with the participation of the US government in a lot of deviations and its crimes and violations of human rights, and photography All of these practices (torture / rape / drug abuse etc ..) as a service "to the American homeland," Jesus Christ and religion.

    In this context, have not escaped the Church in the United States accused the writer of "Cathy O'Brien" starting from the Catholic Church and through to the "Mormon" Church or the Church of "modern saints" in the United States .. next to the clergy in this regard have been associated with senior military men and intelligence in the United States to implement a range of schemes to exploit the elements that have been controlled mentally and behaviorally in several areas. Came at p. 161 "Of course, the political structure of their own Catholic Church with the pope, who heads all the strong ties between the Catholic Church and the Government of the United States was a phenomenon clearly through the stated relationship between the Pope President Reagan. I was informed says Kathy on this relationship since I made ​​my debut in the liturgy and they maintain silence ceremony covering this relationship. My experience with the direct involvement of the Catholic Center in physical and psychological striping for the benefit of the Monarch project confirms that there is a union between the United States government and the Catholic Church. "

    The most important of these areas to work as mercenaries for the calculation of the armed forces and the CIA to cover the range of its overseas operations, particularly in Latin America .. next tasks Ktherib weapons and cocaine to provoke undesirable disturbances in some countries, as happened in El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua with the support systems or opposition groups, according to the need, according to US policy requirements .. Since these mercenaries often use to cover the "CIA" agents and "Pentagon" working in this valley, which is the backyard of the United States .. or otherwise obtain drug money and weapons smuggled to finance secret projects of the Ministry of Defense and "CIA" without passing on the control "of Congress."

    Through the presence of the writer at a military base near the mandate of Arkansas called the base "Tinker" I was with a companion in the experiments was called "Cox" to many experiences in this area under the command of a military man named "Johnston" and who was assigned much dirty tasks of smuggling Type and the transfer of the drug from inside to outside the United States, and in times of times doing with her ​​companion transfer of a shipment of cocaine to the state of Arkansas met with a senior officials state that exploited sexually abuse some of the cocaine sent by him, "Johnston" "For friendship," was the name This charge is "Bill Clinton," which later became the forty-second President of the United States.
    She explains writer some of the images that her ticket in the post-cured from its experience this about the nature of the situation inside the camp, "Tinker" and abuses were carried inside a model of deviations that were done in the US military and security establishment; where it says in this regard: "We have Haotna different Altavebat and programming of mental control you have encountered in "Tinker" base for these tasks Mini-She was speaking on the subject and the transfer of drug trafficking This is where I met Bclinton- and many other tasks Although the murder mystery out of control, which was carried out by "Cox" chop multi my characters, " She also says: "It was striping" Johnston "mental strange is that Osrna automatic deficit in the abstract."

    After moving from camp, "Tinker" and she went to the state of "Tennessee"; where she met "O'Brien" and her daughter "Kelly" client intelligence "Alex Houston" who practiced with it a host of new control in the mind and will of methods; where were her first programming on Gender process then It has then programmed to do a variety of government operations classified as black in the US budget under the phrase "presidential model."

    This was done in various military and civilian camps as in "Re Stone" camp and the "Swiss Villa"; where events are psychological trauma and many mental cases in preparation for inclusion in the so-called "camps slaves," Among the most important methods followed in this regard. " concerts "mass rape, torture and" campaigns "" hunting humans "and Cathy O'Brien recognizes that sex was used as a slave in the Bohemian Club and celebrations Satanism anomalies of the rulers of the United States and world leaders.

    In this regard, the author camp "Suisse Villa" describes as follows: "the most dangerous game was often practiced in the" Suisse Villa "and used the" CIA "and a number of politicians and others; where they were using the shelter or camp to practice" game hunting clients human beings. "

    I have been "Asttiyadna" I'm Kelly in "Suisse Villa" was Altavebat and rape brought to bear on us after that a comprehensive and shocked our minds enough to ensure the success of the programming process in addition to the creation of fragmented memory ready for operations with a high level and we have seen behind the walls of the villa unguarded, and I have learned in those The villa "the most dangerous game" and that was one experiment in which "slave" Escape, revealing what may be learned and if the fishermen was not able to catch him on or off the helicopters guarding the area will stick with it, if one of them fails, the eyes in the sky "will reveal its location or location of death, pain and suffering as it should. "

    After that, "O'Brien" received sufficient training in camps on this model started to go to a set of processes as follows:

    - Participating in operations "pimp" on cruise ships.

    - Drug smuggling operations to and from the Caribbean, Latin America and other parts of the world through the bags is suspected or by electrical devices was a subsidiary of Houston factories.

    - Diamond smuggling from the United States to Cuba, Panama and the Caribbean.

    At the stage of her life she met the author, former late US President "Ronald Reagan" and who understand that what is in the "CIA" of drug smuggling and murder but not for the "national interest" and what happens to them is what is only within these contexts, He was commenting on her by the American security services filmed a number of sex films of the situation, "Cathy O'Brien."

    He spoke Reagan them indicating her that the secret agency and illegal activities, which was forced to participate in "unjustified", and said her that the United States has funded many secret activities in Afghanistan, Nicaragua and many other regions of the world in order to take what he called "American Freedom Train" top speed, It should therefore be arms smuggling and dissemination of sex is that in many parts of the Alm.o on page 229 Kathy says that: "There is no doubt that Reagan had seen my film," How are divided personality and how to make ongoing race "who have been their production in (Hanstefil ) state (Alabama). acted with me very gently as if you had participated in them my own will. In the first minutes of my meeting with him, was provide me with the guidelines of the followed in operations and movies government of prostitution. He told me when Tend.n in turn Vsyazdad your performance force, which will increase of your ability to perform your turn for your country, for Atsola what your country can do for you, and ask what you can do for your country "and the question is how can her serve and answer as stated in p 230 is through" entertain sexually politicians. "

    In the context of the remaining portions of the book reviews the author two major groups of the first ideas about the scandals of the politicians in the United States and the second set of secret activities undertaken by the US administration with the help of her arm intelligence and military, as in the "CIA" and "Pentagon".

    has extended the range of activities This secrecy over the extremely wide of the globe included bracket different regions of the world from China in the east and even South America westward through the Middle East; where was the Saudi quagmire particularly fertile ground for such activities.
    mentions Phillips in the book: p. 21 pages, "It has become clear that the National Security Law put in particular to protect criminal activity upper classes to protect military secrets. "

    This book, despite the many abuses that received it on the moral level; where encompassed many of the scenes of violence and pornography, but that a great deal of importance, as it exposes the whole picture States United Men governance and administration which shows how they managed things in a larger political institutions, "the White House" and the military, "Pentagon" and security "CIA" .. and refutes as well as any claims for freedom and democracy that the United States is seeking to impose on the world with clarity any means followed by successive American administrations in this regard.
    The book may shed light on the suffering of American presidents from abnormalities in sexual relationships and mental illnesses terrifying, The book mentions many names of presidents and members of Congress and senators and military leaders and other Cregan, Cheney and George Bush father and son and other names mentioned in the book I am ashamed to mention those heinous sexual practices.

    were not "Cathy O'Brien" aware, before that save her, "Mark Phillips," the truth of what is it is small Kelly and her daughter, and until the moment rescued were live without the mind, encroached upon will, in the imaginary world of making agency US intelligence and the leaders of the United States who were partners in crime against humanity against children and young girls are being recruited through the mind control technology is used by the shock to do Boqbh business and dimensions of the human ..

    where the reader stands on the fact that presidents "Reagan, Bush, and Clinton and Bush Jr." and the exercise of their heinous against children and abuse of human dignity .. In addition to homosexuality suffered by most of the US leaders and their relationships kings and presidents in North America, the Middle East and the fact that drugs and weapons that are under the supervision of the US government deals and under various names, such as the Convention free trade details.

    It details reveal for the first time , thanks to the courage of the author and its insistence on exposing the excesses of the so-called leaders of the United States who have committed all their actions were disgraceful and secrecy by keeping the pretext of national security ... and the security of the writer wonders? The reader will find answered in this book, which provided the documents of official documents and pictures to prove the truth of what went to the author.
    and in the pages of the book says Mark Phillips client's former US intelligence: (Maybe I liked someday have given to my country, but I now feel ashamed of being an American, and as After reading the experience of Kathy Kelly, I'll be ashamed of being a man).

    To download the English-language book where it is not available in Arabic on the Internet of what is mentioned about abnormal for a practice rulers of Al-Saud, the former ..
    book for adults only
    came in the book that the CIA runs a paving people trade and sale of the so-called white slave trade.

    It Byrd is no doubt that every human action motives and human nature inclined to use these motives justifications and excuses for himself and one of the justifications put forward by the book in p 215 "also justified the presentation victim by saying: After all I've lost your mind, at least Now your destiny in my hand, "The involvement of our country in the dissemination of drugs, porn movies, and the White Slave trading has been justified as a means of gaining control over illegal activities in all parts of the world to finance clandestine activity disgraceful budget. So that leads to world peace through the domination by the macro-do and control. "

    In February 1988, was kidnapped both Kathy and Kelly (Tkhalisma) by the former CIA employee Mark Phillips Mark Phillips, who is considered by health staff American mentality expert in more secret techniques blocked for human It minds control techniques based on psychological trauma has Phillips succeeded in smuggling Kathy and her daughter Kelly from the claws of their prisoners and sent to Alaska Alaska and so with the help of internal assistant in the intelligence community.
    While listening to a congressional committee to Cathy O'Brien certificate documented but O'Brien failed to sue the US government and after seventy thousand submitted a document to eliminate abnormal practices and programs carried out by the CIA and world leaders, Judge Andy Hukhov, who said the case alone quietly in Nashville juvenile court in the state of the US Tennessee in 1991: «The laws do not apply in this case for reasons of national security ». !!!

    information in the book on the responsibility and Cathy O'Brien and are supported by documents, images, and we link between the case and Kathy Matard of plonk him in the arms of the US non-governmental organizations and supervised by Hillary Mark Phillips Clinton and leaders of the United States to know the mind washing size and loss of the will to which they have even continue to destroy their country and hatred of their armies and declare war on the Arab states institutions in so-called Arab Spring. These clients in the Freedom House Organizations and Movements and the Academy of change and Rand and the Carnegie and Mai Pace and Global Voices and Google and the Democracy Fund is no doubt that they were subjected to brainwashing and control the mind systematically beginning to pass specific information and other hidden until the loss of the will and the full control the victim to perform the requested ones Those customers are in dire need of psychological treatment and rehabilitation of New ..

    in the videos contained ties in the book group Kathy O'Brien explains itself some policies included in the book of comments about what has happened in personally in the absences and the CIA.

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