Friday, July 10, 2015

TPP appeal Obama "JUST DO IT" Nike headquarters

TPP appeal Obama "JUST DO IT" Nike headquarters

WASHINGTON - small KumoTadashi-sei] US President Barack Obama on August 8, in the sporting goods giant Nike headquarters in Oregon, Japan and the United States such as the 12 countries due to negotiations Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement, which has entered the final stage for the (TPP) It was speech. Obama stressed that the TPP will lead to raising the labor standards of the employment increase and the participating countries in the United States. Nike slogan "Just do-it (without hesitation get moving)" by reference, and complained of a support for the TPP.
If Obama Hikisagere tariffs on countries in the TPP, pointed out that lead to the expansion of exports, such as wine and beef of Oregon production. It was said, "the Japanese wine fans want to provide an opportunity to get to taste the splendor of Oregon wine." The "Vietnam has established a minimum wage, must protect freedom of unionization" in TPP is also said, was appeal the advantage of leading to the protection of the rights of the participating countries workers.
Also if the TPP is implemented as a "China is to write the trade rules of the World", again to emphasize the rivalry to China. It was criticized as "wrong" for the Democrats to oppose the TPP.
On the other hand, Nike is in accordance with the Obama's speech, announced that TPP is if implemented in the United States to expand the manufacturing base of shoes. If you include also companies minute it has to lead to employment increase of 50,000 people. The TPP have come up with a criticism of the "lead overseas outflow of employment" from labor unions, but Nike's form shows the rebuttal material to meet Obama and pace.

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