Friday, July 10, 2015

Tailwind to pass TPP talks the US Senate, TPA bill

Tailwind to pass TPP talks the US Senate, TPA bill

WASHINGTON - small KumoTadashi-sei] US Senate April 22, the authority of the trade negotiations to vote for trade promotion authority (TPA) bill left to the president, was passed in favor a number of 62-to-37. Establishment of TPA method is essential to agreement of Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) negotiations, it becomes tailwind to the consultation of the Japan-US such as TPP negotiations participation 12 countries.
Positive majority in favor of the Republican Party to free trade in the vote of the Senate. On the other hand, some from the Democratic Party with a cautious support base in the TPP, such as labor unions also have turned to favor.
The Senate Prior to this, TPP favor the amendment related to a foreign exchange operation is a concern that become an obstacle to negotiations 48, was rejected by a narrow margin of opposite 51. The contents asking you to define the rules of powerful countermeasures to the exchange operation at the time of free trade agreement negotiations, the Republican leadership and President Obama et al., The negative things that the TPP negotiations participating countries dealing with the exchange problem in TPP and, it was opposed to reason and to be a constraint to the US monetary policy.
Deliberations in the House of Representatives will be from June of vacation Fitr. In the House of Representatives that are exposed to every two years to the election, lawmakers are seen as opposite also becomes strongly to the TPA bill in order to receive a larger influence of the intentions of the support base, difficulties of deliberation is also expected.

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