Wednesday, July 1, 2015

James Holmes “MK-Delta” and weapons derived from Fast & Furious

James Holmes “MK-Delta” and weapons derived from Fast & Furious

Eric Holder and the BATFE should scurry quickly to cover the Gunwalking and Grenadewalking that were responsible for the carnage perpetrated by the CIA Mk Delta trigger known as James MK Holmes.
As we know now over 30,000 weapons, and likely much higher have been purchased along with many other explosives and military hardware.
This is a rush job, though the criminal government have been on top to insure maximum coverage. Like the Ft. Hood, Gabby Gifford and all previous stagings back to Columbine, Virginia Tech and the DC shooter, I believe Mr. Holmes will be of military background and by design, not only target the second amendment campaign, small arms treaty and global takeover by the UN, but cast the dark knight shadows over the veterans and patriots as terrorists. Watch the flow of the information and remeber the post I did with Bloomberg who will be a regional governor for the North American Union coversion. It was not by coincidence he made the comments about the gun grab in a press conference regarding New Yorks new slum campaign.
I just love to set my watch to these events days before Obama commits treason. Though this is an error as he cannot be convicted of treason as a foreign spy for MI6 CIA intelligence and not a natural born citizen. Eric Holder and key members of the administration and Congress are and they can be tried and hung for treason. Spies and Saboteurs are shot under the framework of the Geneva Convention and US Military Law.
My name is Puddy Dunne and I approved this message.

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