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DOD and CIA Research with Psychoactive Substances

DOD and CIA Research with Psychoactive Substances

by Krystle Cole – 1/26/2008
id_braceletWhen Wray Forrest volunteered for the military research study at the Edgewood Arsenal, all they told him was that he would be testing medications that would help the troops. He volunteered because he wanted to do something to help his country; little did he know, he was about to be subjected to oral administrations and injections of several different psychedelic substances. “After weeks of psychological evaluations, they led us into a room where a doctor handed us each a little paper cup with a tablet in it. We were told to take our medication, and then we were each locked into a padded room so the doctors could observe us. I started to see bugs crawling all around me and I tried to walk down stairs that weren’t there.”
Video of a Test Subject Testifying Before the 1977 Senate Hearings on CIA and DOD Human Drug Testing:
Wray is one of the thousands of soldiers that were military test subjects during the 1950’s through early 1970’s. They were either part of the research project code named MKULTRA, or one of its many successor programs, like MKNAOMI, MKSEARCH, MKCHICKWIT, or MKOFTEN. These research programs were funded by the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), largely in response to alleged North Korean use of mind-control techniques on United States prisoners of war in Korea. They hoped to discover a set of psychoactive drugs and/or other methods, like electroshock and hypnosis, which could be used to brainwash and control opposing forces. They also attempted to create a truth serum that would make interrogations easier. Many different psychoactive substances, like BZ, scopolamine, LSD, and PCP, were tested, just to name a few.

Wray was only paid $2 per day for his 60 day stay at the facility and was given no follow up treatment or counseling. To this day, he still has long lasting side effects, flashbacks and cardiovascular problems, from the medications his doctors instructed him to take. And since he was active duty military, he cannot sue for damages. “I go into a psychiatrist’s office and start to tell them about MKULTRA and what I was subjected to, and they think I am making it all up. Most people have never even heard about what they did to us.”
They made the test subjects wear medical wrist bands (to the left) or carry medical identification cards if they went off the facility grounds. This way, if they acted strange or if someone saw all the injection marks on their arms and reported them to the police, they could easily be identified and returned to the facility.
List of Drugs Wray was Given:
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