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Abraham the Babylonian or Sumerian

Abraham the Babylonian or Sumerian

Abraham, son of Terah and Nuwna
Millah Abram, “the rites” that Abraham was taught, and followed as a Chaldean, which would have been a Babylonian or Sumerian, before he converted to Din, that became a monotheistic religion.
He became patriarch of the worship of the one Lord, god, Baal, who in time changed into Adonia, and even Eloh, Allah, which is why they, monotheistic believers use Lord, be they Jew, Christian or Muslim.

Adonai,”My Master is he who is” (in Aramic-Hebrew it is “My Master is Yahuwah”
Adonis, ”Master” Akkadian “Lord”, also called Adoshem (used in liturgical rehearsals to avoid pronouncing the divine name, it is an artificially construed word which comes from Adonai and Hashem)
Eloh “Source”
Allah, “The Source”
Millah “rites”
Baal (Ba-al), “Master Lord”
Lord, taken from the word Lard, “Chief”

All the families of the Bible that preceded Abraham were worshippers of ANU, Those were his isles, or abodes or cites that made up those generations and sons of Noah, the Mesopotamian, whose real name is UT.NA.FISH.TIM.
It is Abraham himself who is responsible for those who turned away from ANU; it is Abraham who fell from ANU’s grace and he worshipped Ba’al with the Hittites and prostrated before their priest (Genesis 23:7) “And Abraham stood up, and bowed himself to the people of the land”,
Heth was the second son of Cannan.
Now in Genesis 24:3, 37 Abraham is being warned against the Canannites, Hyksos in Tama-Re.
Before Abraham’s fall from grace, ANU was the Most High God called “Elyon El”
ANU is the original God of the Bible, above all other gods, and the seed of the Mesopotamian (UT.NA.FISH.TIM) called Noah and Adafa, called Enoch in their Bible and Idriys in their Qur’an were loyal to ANU.A
This is what happened, they turned away and famine struck their land, so they went to Baal, the fallen son of EN.LIL, who himself was an Adonai “master”, from Adon a lesser deity than the Yahwehans.
You have TAM.MUZ the son of Ishtar (IN.ANNA), appointed as the one Yahweh over the seed of Seth, and you had Baal, son of EN.LIL, and NIN.LIL, who had fallen.

This Baal, also called Hadad, or Adad, Baal-Zebub, Beelzebub and Teshub was the deity of storm, war and fertility and to the Phoenicians, and Ugariteans he was known as the deity of good harvests, Baal was merely a title that signified “the god”, “the lord”, or the “owner”, and was a term applied to the chief or ruler of a group, his spouse was Baalath, “the lady”
For example:  The Baal of Tyre was Melkarth, the Baal of Harran was Sin, the moon deity, the Baal of heaven was the sun god.
There were as many Baals in Asia as there were Horuses in Tama-re (Egpyt) so Abraham went to the land of the Canaanites to worship their deity Baal during the time of the famine in hopes that he could bring them harvest by bringing them rain, thus he did bow to their god.
Abraham became a confederate with them, (Genesis 14:13) “And there came one that had escaped, and told Abram the Hebrew; for he dwelt in the plain of Mamre the Amorite, brother of Eshcol, and brother of Aner: and these were confederate (Ba’al) with Abram”.
And the word being used for confederate to imply that Abraham was a constituent with these Amorites, who are the sons of Canaan, is the name of the deity Ba’al, which the (real) children of Israel turned and worshipped (Judges 2:13) “And they forsook  the LORD (Yahweh) and served Baal and Ashtaroth (Ishtar)”

This is why the children of Abraham turned away from ANU, they basically turned away from the seed appointed by ANU, TAM.MUZ and turned and worshipped the seed appointed by Ishtar, baal.
Abraham was part of this until MUR.DUK, as Melchizedek brought him back to the worship of ANU, who the Torah calls ‘Elyon El” “The Most High God”, which is the exact translations of the name ANU.

MUR.DUK is EN.QI’s son; he is “Leader of the deities, supreme deity”

Genesis 14:18-19
“And Melchizedek king of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God (Elyon El) and he blessed him, and said, Blessed be Abram of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth: And blessed be the most high God, which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand. And he gave him tithes of all”.
And in fact, Chapter 15 clearly states Abraham is now being warned against these same Amorites who he worshiped the god Baal with (Genesis 15:13-21)

Abraham had been brought back by MUR.DUK (Genesis 14:22) son of Engi called Ab, to the worship of EN.LIL, called Elul (source), one of the Anutu, the name of the Anunnagi, before coming to Earth.
EN.LIL gave them to worship ANU called Milllah Abram, later became Bereth Milllah to the Hebrews, and Millah Ibrahiym to the Muslims, as opposed to the worship of Baal and Dina, which became Din in Moses’ Torah and Diyn in Muhammad’s Qur’an.
Dina from where they get Din and Diyn is also dono, don, the Celtic wife of Beli, which is wife of Baal, or from Dun, meaning “brown”.

Now, this whole religious deception is carried on to this day by people not understanding the original languages that the people before Abraham spoke, they believed that Hebrew and Abrabic of today are the original ancient languages.

Why I bring this up is, before the Qur’an, going backward, you find the New Testament, translated from the original Aramic into Greek and Latin, two languages totally incapable of expressing the original Phoenician, Accadian, Ugaritic, Aramic, Ashuric, Chaldean, and of course Nuwaubic, the language of the Gods and the language of Nimrod.
So what about the Bible, I mean the Torah, five books of Moses, or the Old Testament?
The Latin and Greek and English are poor translations.

When you look at the Torah, which has been taken out of the Cuneiform rendered into the Phoenician, and then what is being called Hebrew, and further into modern Hebrew languages, incapable of expressing what the original tablest of the Anunnagi, that the Bible was plagiarized from, were saying.
Where is this story spoken of, expressed clearly in their Bible, where Barashiyth (Genesis), chapter 0, which is talking pre-Hebrew, is discussing in verse 5, “by these were the isles (‘iy) of the gentiles (goyee), divided in their lands (ereth), everyone after his tongue (la-shown), after their families in their nations”
Note: that the Aramic word being used for isles is Iy, pronounced as E, the Sumerian word for “abode, house” and even misused for “temple”, but in actuality means “the coast land”
You have written in ancient tablets, the name of ANU, which included many cities, called E.ANNA, “house of An”, AN is another name for ANU.
E.ANNA is also called the Pure Sanctuary; also when the Gods assembled on the planet Earth they met at EN.LIL’s court at NIF.FUR (Nippur) translates “temple of EN.LIL”; also known as Nibru-Qi “Earth place of NI.BIRU”, a city given to EN.LIL and dedicated to him, and the main temple in it was called E.KUR, “mountainous” house or abode”
So, the implications here is that people on the planet Earth all had different tongues, in their different nations and in their different families.

I repeat, this pre-dates Hebrew, Arabic, Latin, Greek, and English….
Image  is that of MUR.DUK..

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